10 Amazing iOS 11 tips for your iPhone or iPad :IOS

10 Amazing iOS 11 tips for your iPhone or iPad :IOS

iOS 11 comes with a slew of new features and enhancements that help in further delivering a pleasant user experience and making certain day-to-day tasks easier. On the iPad specifically, iOS 11 brings about a completely overhauled dock and multitasking experience that make it act less like a tablet and more like a PC.

Most users, however, have usually little to no idea about the minor new features that Apple introduces with every major new release of iOS. These small features, tips and tricks help one in getting the most out of their iPhone or iPad. One usually comes across these features if they have had the time to dig through every nook and cranny of the OS which is a time-consuming process. To help save you time and make the most out of your iPhone or iPad running iOS 11, check out our list of the top tips and tricks for the OS.

10. Files app for managing files in local and cloud storage


Apple has debuted a new Files app in iOS 11 that makes it convenient for one to manage their files stored not only on their iPhone or iPad, but also in other cloud locations like iCloud, Google Drive, OneDrive, and more. The app allows one to browse, search, and organise all their files irrespective of where they are stored.

The Files app is a far cry from the iCloud Drive app which it replaces. The older app was limited in its functionality and hardly offered proper file management options.

The new Files app goes a long way in making it manageable to easily view and access all your important documents and files irrespective of where they are store

The above tips and tricks should really help you master iOS 11 and show off those little new features and enhancements that Apple has introduced with the update.

What are your favourite iOS 11 tips and tricks? Do drop a comment and share them with us.

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