7 Ways To Make Your Workouts More Hardcore :Bodybuilding

3. Impose A Time Limit On Your Workouts

Look around the gym, and you’ll see people who let their workouts drag on and on. They rest longer than they need to, check their phones, talk to other people.

Even without such obvious distractions, many lifters rest longer than they think they do.

“In my studies, subjects generally claim to rest for very short periods (30-60 seconds),” says exercise scientist Brad Schoenfeld, PhD, an assistant professor at Lehman College in Bronx, New York. “But when taken through the research in controlled settings with 90-second rest intervals, they mention not being recovered enough between sets. They suddenly realize how off-base their claims were.”

You don’t need to rush like a maniac through your workout, but if you give yourself, say, 40 minutes instead of 90 minutes to get it done, you’ll be forced to pick up the pace. You’ll push harder, lift faster, take shorter rest breaks, and ramp up your program to a whole new level of intensity.

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