7 Ways To Make Your Workouts More Hardcore :Bodybuilding

7. Do Pyramid Sets

To make your workout truly hardcore, train with near-maximal loads for at least one big compound lift per session. To make that happen, do pyramid sets.

Do Pyramid Sets

Start with a lighter weight and a higher rep range and work your way up to your max weight, doing just 3-5 reps for that single heaviest set. Then, cycle back down to lower weights and high reps. You’ll get a good amount of volume and build strength at the same time.

If you’re mostly after building strength, do just a few ascending sets up to that max so you aren’t too fatigued to lift heavy. Then, do more sets on the descend once you’ve completed your heaviest set.

You now have seven new tricks in your bag to toughen up your workouts. Don’t try to pack them all into a single session, though. Instead, cycle through them, raising the bar on one or two exercises per workout. In short order, you’ll start to see and feel the difference!

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