Ideally, each workout you do builds on the successes of your last session. But that only works if you’ve got successes to build on. You don’t have to nail every rep, every time, but you should try to improve something or impress yourself in at least one memorable way during each workout.

Here are a few examples:

  • Making just a little progress on a difficult movement goal (pull-up, handstand, full-ROM push-ups)
  • Doing 8 reps with your previous 6-rep weight on a big compound movement
  • A little less rest than last time between sets
  • A deeper, better squat than last time
  • Rock-solid posture during the grueling last set of lunges or burpees

“Know what you want to accomplish before you start,” Silver-Fagan says. When you set a goal for each specific workout, you’ll be giving that workout a higher purpose. Suddenly, everything you’re doing matters a little more!


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