Top 10 Easy High-Protein Foods That’ll Help You Lose Weight

5. 2-Percent Milk

Protein Content: 8 g per 1-cup serving

You could chug watery, flavorless skim milk, or you could enjoy the richer taste of 2 percent while getting a little extra fat to help you absorb the milk’s vitamin D and get you closer to your macro targets.

Organic milk has the highest nutrient content, including protein and omega-3s.[1] Mix it with protein powder for a revved-up shake.

6.Whey Or Casein Protein Powder

Protein Content: 24 g per scoop, on average

Whey protein powder is clean, fast-digesting, and most of its calories come from protein. It’s also convenient—just mix it with water in a shaker bottle. Reach for protein powder whenever you need quick, no-prep protein, like after a workout, for an on-the-go breakfast, or alongside a low-protein meal.

If you need something that’ll help you hide from hunger a little longer, go for slow-digesting casein powder instead of whey. It won’t hit your muscles as fast, but it can keep you full for hours and can help you lose fat without losing muscle mass.

You can also use protein powder to make high-protein pancakes. They make a great pre-workout or post-workout snack if you need a break from shakes.

If you’re sensitive to artificial sweeteners, look for an unsweetened protein powder or one sweetened with stevia.

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